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Wood Privacy Fences

Cedar Wood Privacy Fence Carson CA

Garden Grove Fence Company is a privacy fence contractor that installs and replaces wood privacy fences in homes in Orange County and surrounding areas. Here's a few of the different materials used for building our privacy fences.

Cedar Fencing

Probably the most common choice of material for wood privacy fence installation is cedar wood.  Several reasons exist for the popularity of cedar fencing. First cedar is a light-weight, yet durable wood.  This makes it ideal for outdoor construction projects because it prevents long-term sagging. 

A second benefit to cedar wood privacy fencing is its ability to naturally repel bugs and insects.  This means you won’t have to worry about wood destroying insects, or termites in particular, destroying your beautiful fence!

A third benefit to cedar fencing is it’s beauty.  With a natural grain and coloring that varies from reds to yellows, it looks very natural in any environment. Along with this, cedar has rugged, rough outdoorsy look.

Cedar fences are used in all sorts of designs. Horizontal pickets, vertical pickets, board on board, good neighbor and cap and rail.  A cedar privacy fence will add a natural, earthy, rugged look to polish off your home’s design and look. If you need a wood privacy fence contractor in Orange County, look no further than Garden Grove Fence Company.

Pressure-Treated Pine

Another common material for building privacy fences is pressure treated pine wood.  Pressure treated pine carries some of the same qualities of cedar, but for different reasons.  Pine is also a light-weight wood.  During the milling process, the pine is subjected to high pressure while submerged in a copper solution.  This allows the copper to fully penetrate the wood fibers.  That copper left behind in the grain, allows the wood to repel bugs and other insects.  It also helps delay the wood decay that naturally happens. 

In either case, with a pressure treated pine fence or a cedar privacy fence, we recommend you stain and seal it every 3-5 years.  This will help your fence last to the fullest life possible – as well as keeping it beautiful for years to come. 

Privacy Fence Contractor in Orange County, CA

Wood Fence Design Trends

Black:Brown Wood Privacy Fence Carson CA

While most homes are still choosing to install the typical vertical 5.5" picket fence. But others are choosing to upgrade their fence design, causing their homes to stand out from the homes in their neighborhood!

Several of the ways we build our designs in our privacy fences is by mixing and matching different elements, like wood and metal.  You can change wood styles and even colors.  In the end, if you find a design you like, show us a picture and we will do our best to re-create it for you! Your privacy fence is more than a barrier for your home’s backyard.  It created a picture frame to the portrait of your home.  Give your home’s curb appeal an upgrade with a custom designed wood privacy fence! Garden Grove Fence Company loves to create custom designed privacy fences, and would love to do that for you!

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